Older adults and medicines: online learning about safety

Last updated: June 26, 2020

Prescribing in older adults  (Script, undated but content is reviewed every other year)
Access: Free with an NHS email address, but simple registration is required first. Once logged in, go to Modules at top of the screen, click, and then look at Prescribing in Special Circumstances.
Audience: Doctors, pharmacists, and nurses who prescribe, monitor or administer medicines.
Content: Explains how older adults handle medicines (pharmacokinetics) and how they react to them (pharmacodynamics). It will help you identify problematic and appropriate polypharmacy, thus optimising the use of medicines in this patient group and reducing problems with medicines in the older adult population. 
Safer prescribing in frailty  (Yorkshire & Humber AHSN etc, 2018)
Access: Free access without registration.
Audience: GPs and pharmacists in GP practices. 
Content: 10-minute video overview of the benefits and challenges of this project to help prescribers and patients to work together to prescribe fewer medicines. (There is also a project summary.)