Cardiovascular medicines: online learning about safety

Last updated: June 26, 2020

Oral anticoagulants  (MHRA, undated and content under review)
Access: Number 8 in the list on this page. Although free, there is a cumbersome process of site registration and access that requires up to 2 working days to receive a password. You may also have to download additional software to use the system which may preclude access on an NHS PC.
Audience: Healthcare professionals who prescribe, monitor or administer anticoagulants.
Content: Identifies adverse effects of anticoagulants, factors that contribute to risks, ways of reducing risk, and treatment of adverse effects. Quiz at conclusion. Takes about 2 hours. 
Anticoagulation: stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation  (PrescQIPP, undated)
Access: A personal or institutional subscription is required. Select from 'Available courses'.
Audience: Primary care prescribers, practice pharmacists and nurses.
Content: Based on NICE Clinical Guideline 180 (Management of Atrial Fibrillation), covers appropriate use of anticoagulants in AF, including assessment of stroke and bleeding risks, choice of agent, monitoring, adverse effects and interactions. Takes about 2hrs but can be completed in stages.