Breastfeeding and medicines: online learning about safety

Last updated: June 26, 2020

Breastfeeding and medicines  (Medicines Learning Portal, 2019)
Access: Free, and no site registration.
Audience: Aimed at hospital pharmacists at the beginning of their careers, but might also benefit  nurses, midwives, GP registrars, community pharmacists, medical students, physician associates.
Content: Outlines the factors that affect whether a medicine is compatible with breastfeeding. Gives practical advice to minimise risks associated with the use of medicines in breastfeeding mothers, and shows where to look for information. Takes about 1 hr.
Breastfeeding  (Script, undated but content is reviewed every other year)
Access: Free with an NHS email address, but simple registration is required first. Once logged in, go to Modules at top of the screen, click, and then look at Prescribing in Special Circumstances.
Audience: Doctors, pharmacists, nurses and others who prescribe, monitor or administer medicines to women who may be breastfeeding.
Content: Explores the general principles of prescribing in breastfeeding patients, the effects of drugs on lactation, and the possible effects that a drug may have on the breastfed infant. Also introduce key resources that should be accessed to determine whether a drug is safe to use.