Diabetes and medicines: online learning about safety

Last updated: May 01, 2020

Inpatient Diabetes Education through Animation – 'IDEA'  (University of Leicester Hospitals NHS Trust, 2015 to 2019)
Access: Free, and no login required.
Audience: Hospital healthcare professionals who prescribe, monitor or administer insulin.
Content: Ten short animated videos including safe prescribing and administration of sc and IV Insulin regimens, hypoglycaemia, and safe insulin use in peri-operative states and in pregnancy . 
Diabetes awareness and administering insulin  (Northamptonshire Healthcare NHSFT, 2020)
Access: Click on the blue 'NLMS link' at the bottom of the page. Free, and no login required.
Audience: Intended for community nurses, but potentially helpful for many other healthcare professionals.
Content: e-learning on subjects including: blood glucose monitoring, hypoglycaemia, hyperglycemia, and safe administration of insulin. 
Managing diabetes in hospital  (Pocket Medic, undated)
Access: Free, and no login required.
Audience: Any health professionals working in hospitals and in the community.
Content: Twelve animations dealing with managing hyperglycaemia, preventing hypos, safe use of insulin in hospitals and community, and explaining different types of insulin. 
Sulfonylureas in older patients  (Medicine Safety Portal, University Hospital Southampton/ Wessex AHSN, 2020)
Access: Free, and no login required.
Audience: Aimed at primary care prescribers, but suitable for anyone who prescribes, monitors or administers these medicines.
Content: Twenty minute e-learning examining the risks of sulfonylureas causing hypoglycaemia, the factors that increase that risk, the consequences for patients, and methods for protecting patients.