Medicines safety: NHS online learning index

Last updated: April 27, 2020

This alphabetical index helps NHS staff with an interest in the safe use of medicines to quickly find e-learning or videos that have already been produced by the NHS, government agencies, or professional bodies. Please contact us if you think we have omitted a resource or find a link that does not work. You can also find a list of websites that include multiple learning resources, which have informed the content of some of the categories below:

Additives in medicines (excipients)Kidney (see Renal)
Administration of medicines
Adverse drug reactionsLiver (see Hepatic)
Alternative medicine
AntimicrobialsMental health and medicines
Breastfeeding and medicinesOlder adults and medicines
Cardiovascular medicinesPain treatment
Children and medicinesPregnancy and medicines
CorticosteroidsPrescribing (general, inc. polypharmacy)
Diabetes and medicinesRenal dysfunction and medicines
Dispensing and supply of medicinesRespiratory disease and medicines
Hepatic dysfunction and medicinesSide effects (see Adverse drug reactions)
Surgery and medicines
Intravenous medicines (see Administration)

This index is based upon initial work undertaken by Steve Williams, Senior Clinical Pharmacist Poole Bay & Bournemouth Primary Care Network. The inclusion of any learning resource on these pages is for your convenience; we are not responsible for the content of external websites.